CondaHTTPError: HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED for url

I was getting this message when I tried to install packages from conda-forge with Conda:

Fetching package metadata ...
CondaHTTPError: HTTP 401 UNAUTHORIZED for url <>
Elapsed: 00:00.920954
CF-RAY: 36ad7cbd5d1c23d8-IAD

The remote server has indicated you are using invalid credentials for this channel.

If the remote site is or follows the Anaconda Server API, you
will need to
  (a) remove the invalid token from your system with `anaconda logout`, optionally
      followed by collecting a new token with `anaconda login`, or
  (b) provide conda with a valid token directly.

Further configuration help can be found at <>.

I tried to do $ anaconda logout but didn’t have a program called anaconda installed.

You can install the Anaconda Cloud Client with $ conda install anaconda-client.

After that, I was able to do $ anaconda logout followed by $ anaconda login where I used my old Binstar credentials (now

I’m not the only one having this problem.